Avery-Christine Golson

Alaska native Avery-Christine Golson grew up far from the city lights in Anchorage, where her love of the beauty industry took her away from the great outdoors to nearby Seattle. There she studied Cosmetology at the Gene Juarez school of Cosmetology and began working in the area to great success. It was only a matter of time before her love of the artistry of hair and makeup moved her gaze to challenge of life as an artist in New York City. In May 2011, she made the cross country move and found herself immediately at home, beginning as an assistant and quickly becoming a firm fixture and familiar face in the fashion industry.

Avery finds solace in both nature and the city, she brings this same duality to her work -- as she is a master of both hair and makeup. Working with a light hand to accentuate talent’s natural beauty, Avery brings a precision and creativity that results in a fresh and modern beauty. One of her major strengths is versatility under the pressure of time; she is as comfortable quickly creating a clean and classic beach look as she is a dramatic, strong eye with matching stylized blowout. Along with her professional prowess, she has an incredible energy and charismatic personality that has parlayed Avery into a growing force within the industry.

Regular clients include Macy’s, Sport’s Illustrated, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Brett Johnson and Target.

Avery is based in New York, New York. 


Phone: 718-208-3549

Email: acgnyc86@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/avery-christine-golson/71/471/64a

IG: acgnyc